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About Terry



I’ve been a development coach and facilitator for individuals and groups for over 15 years providing a profound yet simple methodology for self-development that I call the True Voice process.


I’ve transitioned through several careers ranging from engineering and project management to business management and executive roles in an environmental services firm to becoming a sustainability consultant and co-founder of an environmental non-profit organization in Durham Region. 


Through-out these various career incarnations, I’ve always been intrigued about what makes people truly unique and how each individual uniquely contributes to a greater whole. I believe everyone has an indwelling healthy and unique expression that comes from a depth of self that is usually not fully revealed without facilitated exploration and inquiry.


To further explore my fascination with the nature of self, I studied and completed a Masters (MA) degree in transpersonal psychology at Naropa University in 2005. I further enhanced my skills through extensive training in development coaching and in group facilitation utilizing the Big Mind Process with Zen Master Genpo Roshi. 


I’ve been deeply influenced by the principles and practices of osteopathy and more specifically osteopathic biodynamics as taught to Judy and Jacqueline by Dr. James Jealous. I was inspired to incorporate some of these teachings in my Masters paper, which synthesized the principles of biodynamics with developmental psychological models to address and enhance collective health. The paper was distributed by Dr. Jealous as a resource for one of his phase courses that focused on collective family health.


In partnership with Judy, we have progressively synthesized diverse aspects of psychological, spiritual and healing modalities to develop an effective approach to healthy self-development and maturation – the True Voice process.





Currently, I coach individual clients via phone or zoom, facilitate small groups on a weekly basis via zoom, and conduct in-person one-day group workshops utilizing the True Voice process. 


Individual coaching or group work is appropriate for those who:

  • Feel somewhat stuck and unfulfilled

  • Are seeking a renewed sense of purpose

  • Want to shift from coping with life to actually thriving, especially in uncertain times

  • Have a drive to discover and express a deeper, true sense of themselves

  • Are interested in engaging in a fresh approach with multiple perspectives


In addition, individual coaching is recommended for those who:

  • Have chronic discomfort or pain that likely does not have a physical cause 

  • Are looking to go beyond traditional psychotherapy or counselling 


True Voice Approach


We have within all of us an essential drive toward healthier functioning and mature growth. However, this innate potency tends to get blocked in a variety of ways including by engrained patterns and barriers that are shaped by our inherent personality traits, personal life experiences and collective influences.


Through facilitated individual or group work, we can embark on a journey of self-understanding and self-acceptance through a simple, yet profound approach that we call the True Voice process. This approach is based on several key principles:


  • We tend to function through an individualized system of primary aspects or “voices” of the self with habitual patterns much of the time, and increasingly so when stressed.

  • There is healthy functioning within every aspect of the self (much of which is hidden), no matter how much we think of some parts of our self as “negative” or “weak”.

  • Voices initially perceived as negative or weak are treated with respect and can undergo a transformative process.

  • We need to first differentiate and understand various parts of our self including unconscious “shadow” aspects and “transcendent” aspects before we can fully integrate them within the whole of the greater self.

  • This integrative transformative process uncovers the wisdom and value of these voices which have inadvertently been closed off from our conscious awareness.

  • The process of integration not only naturally matures and empowers the aspect being integrated (becoming a True Voice), it catalyzes the maturation process of the entire whole (becoming your True Self).


A remarkable shift happens as these uncovered voices of the self are understood, accepted and integrated: they become empowered to inspire our life’s journey of further becoming who we truly are.


Individual and Group Work Information



Individual Coaching

One-hour coaching sessions are in-person, via phone or zoom at $120 per session.


Group Facilitation - weekly via zoom

New Groups: TBA

Group facilitation is provided for a block of 4 sessions over 4 weeks. Each four-week series will address a common theme utilizing the True Voice process from different perspectives each week. 

$120 per person for 4 sessions.

If you have friends or colleagues interested in forming a group, please contact Terry.  Minimum of 4 participants required.

Group Facilitation - in-person one-day workshops

Workshops are held from time to time at our home in small groups.  Each workshop explores a common theme from various perspectives and approaches. Workshops are $150 per person.  


The current series of workshops, "Uncovering Your True Essence", began in 2023 and will continue through 2025.  


Contact:  Terry Green

To sign-up to our email list for upcoming workshops or to book an individual coaching session / register for group sessions, please contact me at

Mountain View


Development Coaching and True Voice Facilitation

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